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So many need an anchor in the storm.  So many need some rest and recovery from the stress and anxiety.  Many need the resilience and equilibrium to forge ahead and focus on the issues at hand.  Many need to replenish a sense of peace and contentment.  Many want to plumb deeper levels of their own creative intelligence and energy.  Many want to continue to evolve into the best of who they can be. Many want to expand occasional glimpses of awe, enthusiasm, and gratitude into a continuous stream of a sense of support, love, and compassion that they can share with others. There is one field of experience that responds to all of the needs and desires mentioned above.  It is the innate silent stillness within that resides in us all.  It is still but completely full of potential.  Just as science has shown us the incredible energy in a single atom, there is the force and purpose that sustains and moves all of life, available within each of us. There have been many ways to access it throughout history.  In earlier times, monks in the context of religion or mysticism pursued it.  These days, we have fMRIs validating it, popular media writing about it, and apps on our phones to give us a quick hit when we want it. Yet, it still doesn’t come easy for most.  There are many who say they can’t do it, who say they tried it but never made a regular practice of it, or who did it for a time and then it faded away.   There are many who want what they have heard or read about its benefits and wish they could fit in into their lives as a regular practice. I was certified as an instructor of Transcendental Meditation in India about 50 years ago and was was one of the early teachers of it in the US.  I have practiced it and other forms of meditation daily for the last 50 years.  TM and other forms like it were designed for the “householder”, one who operates in the realms of regular work, family, and community. We used to say “do this every day for 30 days and it will be yours as a regular practice” I still believe that 30 days of regular practice is the minimum to form a habit that can become one of the best things you do with and for your life. I want to help and support those who sincerely want this.  I have come up with a way, that within 30 days, I will teach you a personal, powerful form of meditation, and then have daily contact with you to support you and stand by you as you deepen your practice and understanding. I don’t mean 30 days of prerecorded audios and videos of guided meditations.  You and I will actually touch base by text or call everyday to affirm that you did your meditation that day and answer questions or discuss what came up or what you want to investigate. We start with the first three days in a row, or at least in the first week, of the actual meditation instruction. In the following three weeks, we will schedule three one hour calls.  The real difference though, will be our daily contact.  Everyday, we can have a 5-15 minute call, or you can a ask a question by text and I will reply, or you just affirm that you did the meditation that day.  It will be flexible and responsive.  I limit my number of clients so that I will always be available. This will be the most solid assistance in the first 30 days that I have heard of.  I love working with sincere beginning meditators or those who struggle or want to restart.  It is also fulfilling and reaffirming to me and I regard it as a privilege and pleasure. I have set the fee at the amount that I used to offer to seniors, military, and students.  Now, it is available to all.  Please contact me at https://www.enthusiasm-for-life.com/get-in-touch to set up a call to discuss and have your questions answered.

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