• Jim Gillette

Bust Loose with Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is an energy that supports and leads. It opens doors and give strength to carry on and overcome. It makes everything easier and more enjoyable.  It fills a person with purpose and direction.

It also is a benefit, a gift.  The person who has cleared away the patterns and habits that are low energy and false attachments receives enthusiasm bubbling up from within. 

I’m not talking about the energy that is hollow excitement or used to further destructive desires.  I’m talking about an energy that is in harmony with higher values and that supports one’s unique healthy progress in the course of their life.

It is a great asset in anything you appreciate or want to achieve.

So, how do you get more of it?

Clarity of how your mind works, how you create your reality, and how you dissolve unhelpful and self destructive patterns. These all contribute to your freedom, happiness, and enthusiasm.

Follow your inner guidance, with enthusiasm

Find your ways of uncovering the deeper well of insight, solutions, and progress that is within.


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