• Jim Gillette

Can Gratitude Be a Habit?

Gratefulness is an energy, and an attitude, and a style or pattern, and a spirit. It can be thought of or described many ways. Everyone though will probably agree that it is a good feeling. It is positive. This positive emotion is the foundation for being open to positive change, positive receiving, and positive discovery.

Make Gratitude a Habit

It is its own reward. To be in this feeling before good things come or in the face of obstacles gives one a strength and inspiration that brings wonderful things to your life and prepares you for the actions needed to pass through a challenge.

A good practice is to be aware of when your mind is feeding on negativity, criticism, judgment, or victimhood. In that moment, you can make a choice of what your next thought will be. You will be gratified if you find a positive thought or one of gratitude. You do have control over your thoughts. A favorite saying of mine is "You don't have to believe everything you think" Just because a negative thought is in your mind doesn't make it true.

See if you can make a habit of noticing negative thoughts, particularly chronic ones and switching to something to be grateful for. Immediately, the energy in your body and mind will switch. You will be nourished by an infusion of positive feeling and remembrance. You will even begin to change the hormonal functioning in your system. Think of the difference of the state of your mind and body when you feel anger, fear, anxiety and when you feel love, joy, and freedom. These are actual differences in your biochemical/energetic state.

Isn't this a good reason to make a simple decision to switch to gratitude and to make it a habit?

Make it a game or make it a discipline. Just start noticing and switching. It's a habit worth cultivating.


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