• Jim Gillette

Connection - It Nourishes You

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

"In nature, we never see anything isolated….”

Yet, in our own experience, we often feel isolated or separate.  

Our true nature is what nature is, connected.  Our individual experience, is often a pale refection of the larger reality that is within us, that we are a part of.

Rather than getting into a philosophical discussion though, I want to talk about how important connection is in our everyday lives.  How do we experience connection moment to moment, activity to activity, in challenges, in love, and in all the things we hold important in our lives.

Can you recognize and identify the things you do that put you in connection? Do you make a conscious effort to enhance, expand and multiply these experiences and activities?

Friendship, love in all it forms, calm reflection, thoughtful movement like dance or walking, making art, reading, performing an action well, whether it be in recreation or business - these and many more are areas where we humans find respite, reassurance, and encouragement.

But often, these times are too few and far between. To get the most out of life, to live the life we want, we need to develop and follow our inner guidance and conscious observation of the times we feel “connected”

If it is human nature to be in connection with everything, then why would we have to work at it?

Well, hopefully we can find the ways to let our natural connection and the deep pleasure, meaning, and joy it brings, emerge in our individual lives.  

To regain and live in connection with your deep inner nature and with all of the complex outer expressions of nature would seem to be a very high priority.

There are ways to enhance your understanding and experience of the connection that nourish you, protect you, and inspire you.

Connection brings peace and enthusiasm

Then, enthusiasm for life is completely natural and continuous.

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