• Jim Gillette


Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Enthusiasm is an energy that lies within you that is always available to enhance and propel your ideas and desires. The more that you are open to this energy, and the more you remove the blocks to its expression, the more you will lead an inspired, fruitful life.  

You can uncover and cultivate this attribute.  It is the fuel for your positive action.  It can protect you from negativity and uplift your vision and actions.

Awe and gratefulness will open the doors to this unlimited power within.  

Is it only reserved for special occasions or when you are rooting for others?  No. It is something that can be experienced in the smallest of actions. Once you get a glimpse of how you can experience more of it and rely on it, you have a key to continuously improve your life.

Will there be times when you don’t feel it?  Of course.  Can you regain it at will with your intention and clear understanding? Of course.  

It is not always an excited experience.  It can be calm, while uplifting.  It can be a characteristic of a way of life that guides and molds you for progress and positivity.

The blocks, misunderstandings, and negative tendencies that hold you back from your authentic greatness can be removed by your true understanding of how life works.  As you eliminate your attachment to unhelpful and lower energy thoughts, your unique natural enthusiasm will guide and lift you to realize your greater potential.

Enthusiasm, creativity, and well being are already within you.  As your mind settles down, there is less frantic noise and distraction.  It may seem a little counter-intuitive but this is how you ride on the positive current of enthusiasm.  

Others are spontaneously drawn to the person who is enthusiastic.  The effective leader has it and the appreciated team player has it.  The person who gets ahead, who overcomes setbacks, has it.  The person who has joy, love, compassion for others, and armor from negativity has it.

Let your inner GPS set a direction that is guided and fueled by enthusiasm.

Entusiasm wins

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