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Listen to Your Inner Encourager

Listen to Your Inner Encourager

There may be a number of voices in your head. They perform different roles and usually have developed long before now. Some may criticize, delude, compensate, avoid, or seek conformity, excitement, or pleasure.

You can learn which voices are fabrications that serve some purpose, usually to protect you or avoid pain, fear, or shame based on a perception you had when you were younger. That is a useful way to uncover a more authentic you and can be very helpful on your journey.

There is a voice though that is like your inner compass for a better life. This voice can lead you to the life that you feel very comfortable with, you are happy with, you are proud of. You can regard it as your inner encourager.

This is the part of you that holds your hopes and dreams and never gives up on you. It's the part of you that always believes in you. You may have lost track of it. You may suppress it. You may ignore or not believe it. It is actually you, loving yourself as your true nature, your natural born self. It is universal in nature, specifically expressing you. When you align with it, it can lead you to a more authentic you, a more successful you, a more loving you.

Sometimes this voice will lead you into actions that aren't comfortable in the short run. But the only way to become a new you is to let go of an old you. There is encouragement, care, and wisdom inside you that will lead and guide you if you trust and let it. There are a number of methods, techniques, and paths that may help you uncover this voice.

Listen for hints of which are best for you.


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