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Updated: Nov 15, 2018

There are so many types of meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, and mind-body practices being talked about and taught these days.  That’s understandable.  A small percentage of people have been practicing these things for centuries.

There has always been a pull for some, to go within and reach deeper layers of who they really are, and search for what is the source of all that is.  

These days, these practices are not just for a few who live outside the demands of everyday life. Now, knowledge of esoteric traditions from around the world have become more mainstream.

Today, research on the health benefits alone attracts many to these practices.  Increasing stress and unfulfilled lives draw many to look for new ways to find answers.  Many want to slow down, take a break, get some relief.  Others realize that life is short and they want theirs to be deep and rich with accomplishment, pleasure, and meaning.

Our waking lives have more overwhelm and demands.  It is natural to want to find peace within and some extra insight and wisdom to chart our life and have the strength and resilience to live it more fully.

It is difficult though, for many to spend even a few minutes everyday going within to cultivate these qualities that are touted as an answer to these challenges.

I practice and teach a meditation that is easy, effortless, natural, and even enjoyable.  For me, that is about the only way I could do it and stay with it.  I’ve stayed with it daily for 50 years.  I think, for the most part, I’ve got the hang of it.  I give credit to those who came before, to investigate, experiment, and develop this method.  Most of all, I give credit to the source within, that which underlies all of us and life itself.  It creates a pull that we can respond to and let it help us settle down within and receive all the benefits.

It’s like it is factory installed but needs to be activated and used.

There is so much that is "factory installed", as potential, that can be accessed and relied upon. Now is the time that you can make these positive changes and make them active in your life.

I agree with those that say it cannot be learned from a book or a mere set of instructions. Remember when you learned to ride a bicycle.  A friend, sibling, or parent explained the basics, gave you a push, ran along beside you, helped you with balance, and gave you encouragement. A natural ability emerged and behold, you were riding a bike.

I do the same, metaphorically.  I give you a mantra, or thought form, that is designed to be charming to the mind and can be followed in rather than out.  I run along beside you(again, metaphorically), help you find your balance and be there to steady you if you seem to lose the knack.

Getting the deep rest, resilience, and insight that is found within is a reward that keeps on giving.

It is truly worth doing.

meditation expands your life

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