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The Principles of Experience

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

A principle in science is a fundamental, irreducible truth, like gravity.  It is what it is and does, whether we notice or understand it or not. The apple falls.

There are principles of how we experience life that are most basic.  Everything in existence and our experience of it fits into to these principles.  It may seem more complex, but it doesn’t get any simpler or more basic.

Even though philosophers and mystics have examined and formulated these understandings for thousands of years, now quantum physicists and some psychologists are also expressing these same basic principles.

These are the basics of how each of us experiences life.  No exceptions. Everything can be explained by this, whether it is taken for granted or totally seen another way.  Opening up to this understanding has a remarkable way of making life easier, more livable, and more understandable in a way that releases a person’s great inner well being and potential.

So, just let these ideas settle in.  You don”t need a super clear intellectual understanding.  Just notice what is really going on within, at each moment of your life.

First, there is a formless, intelligent energy, that gives rise to and supports everything in existence.  That’s a big one.  It’s been called the Ground of Being, Universal Mind, Quantum Field, God.  Perhaps it’s not too important that we all agree on what to call it.  However, we probably can agree that we are part of something that is far larger than we are and that we are not really in control.

Next, there is Consciousness, the awareness that allows us to experience life, thoughts, feelings, our sense of self.  Our consciousness allows us to experience the full range of possibilities of living.  We can experience the lows of anger, fear, depression, and confusion as well as the highs of love, beauty, compassion, and joy.  Consciousness itself is formless.  It is pure potential.  It is the way we even have an experience of life.

Next, is Thought. It is the form that arises from the formless.  Thought is the creative activity of the formless.  In our minds, we have thoughts.  They are unique to us and unique to the moment.  Our “thoughts” are made of the energy of Thought.  They constantly pass through our mind.  One replaces another. We don’t have to believe or identify with them all.  They are like the film that the light of a projector passes through onto a screen of our experience of reality.  The film is made up of our patterns, beliefs, influences, and our deepest sense of who we are and what is.  Our view of life, made of these projections, is what we call reality.  Yet, each of our “realities” is different.  Our reality is always the feeling of our thought in the moment.

Once you start observing thoughts, seeing them as passing by, you can recognize your ability to discard those crazy ones that came out of nowhere or the ones that hold you down or tied to low energy patterns that are not your true reality.  You also understand your power of intention to identify with higher energy impulses like love, purpose, and enthusiasm.

A lot of the current updated understanding of our experience of life comes from a Scottish welder, named Syd Banks, who had an awakening experience in the 1970’s.  His depth and clarity of this experience started attracting psychologists and others who introduced these principles into the mainstream.

Here is a quote from Syd that sums it up 

"MIND is the universal intelligence behind life, consciousness creates an awareness of what we call reality, and thought is the power to create our moment to moment existence."

– Sydney Banks

Let that roll around and do your own investigation.  When you see that your entire experience is from the inside out, you will have entered a new level of your own authentic power.

Your reality reflects your inner world

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