• Jim Gillette

Overcome Inertia

Is your life responsive like a sailboat?

Sometimes when you want to go in a new direction, you may feel like you are steering a tanker. You look in a new direction, see where you want to go, start turning the wheel, and this colossal ship of your life keeps going in the same direction, doing the same things. The direction is changing but so slow with so much effort.

You've probably used many methods to overcome the inertia in your life. You've made resolutions, bought books, audios, DVD's, taken classes.....

The list goes on and on if you are serious about your development and accomplishment.

It's you against the tanker. It takes a lot to turn that unwieldy beast. I want to suggest that instead of the herculean task of turning the tanker, you change the nature of your ship. This also is not necessarily easy, but it is much more effective with more lasting results.

If your life is like a sailboat, you feel, play with, and use the wind. The wind is like the external circumstances you are in. Sometimes, it is at your back, your sails are full and life is grand. When the wind is not fully at your back though, it could throw you off course if you do nothing. There is beauty to this though. When you are flexible and can interpret the winds of your life, you can go in the direction you want, using the opportunities at hand.

Here is what I would like to suggest. Instead of trying to overcome inertia with all the tools and tricks "the old fashioned way", change the nature of your ship. Be willing to give up characteristics of your life that force you on a path you can barely change. Let go of habits and patterns that might have served you well or were necessary in an earlier time. This isn't easy, but it is a great adventure with great rewards.

I can sum this up with one of my favorite sayings.

"If you want knowledge, add something everyday"

"If you want wisdom, let go of something everyday"

Doing both go hand in hand.

Try letting go to change the direction of your life. See how lightly you can move with the wind of change and opportunity instead of trying to overpower the inertia of old patterns.


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