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The Change You Want - Insight or Outsight

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Most of us are always on the lookout for improvement. It could be more sales, better relationships, more resilience, better understanding, a better job, the big break, more peace and less stress, more effectiveness, just plain happier.

Bookstores, libraries, conferences, online courses, retreats, lectures, advice, meet ups training… Many of us feel we can be better, “it” can be better, circumstances can be better, if we can just find it, ingest it, uncover it.

We look for the trigger, the key, the breakthrough, the secret, the answer, the code…

There seems to be a natural urge, built into our makeup. Perhaps the urge could always move us forward, but often we hit dead ends, develop self-destructive patterns and tendencies, lose meaning, become dejected, desperate or depressed.

Most of the time, we look for the change on the outside - earn more money, get the government we want, use affirmations, try/work harder, give more effort, improve the tactics or strategy.

This is age-old stuff. It’s not new with us.

I’ve studied, trained, drawn on every method, process, or action I could find, understand, and implement. I think each of us, in our own way, does the same thing.

So, at this point, in my approach to life, for myself and with those I teach or coach, I believe that real change only comes with a shift in our inner world, how we see things. This will lead to new action. But at some point, just trying to improve the action, change the outer details, doesn’t end up sustaining itself.

When there is an inner shift, our world, which we believe is reality, changes. From there, we start getting different results.

I believe the answers we want are already within us, in the form of primordial and evolutionary impulses and drives. We can be in harmony with these positive directions if we can remove all the false assumptions, patterns, and thoughts that aren’s ours, and do us no good.

The two general ways I draw on myself, and also teach and encourage others to do or at least give a try, are meditation and using a framework for examining life that opens doors for genuine insight and inner change.

It’s a large subject with many possibilities. In fact, we look for access to the realm of pure potentiality which philosophers, sages, and spiritual leaders have pointed to for eons.

If you are looking for a new way to open doors to the possibility of living the best of what is within you, I would like to have a conversation with you.

We can look at how you see things and what you want. I will tell you how I see those things and we can talk about the differences or other ways of seeing them. If you believe those differences hold new possibilities for you, we can talk more. If it doesn’t seem to hold new possibilities that you believe in, I will wish you well and hope that I have at least contributed something of value.

Change - Insight or Outsight

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