• Jim Gillette

The Shift is a Leap!

The inner shift is a leap in new awareness

You know how you feel when you get an insight about something that you thought you understood or were puzzled about, and everything shifted.  Whether it was big or small, that “aha” moment was a shift that altered your experience of a situation, a problem or challenge, a creative breakthrough, or even your basic understanding of how life works.

It might have come spontaneously, or after you had been considering and examining a particular issue. The nature of the shift though, was like it was a new experience, sense of, or new awareness.

The “shift” is a leap.  It opens the door for a new reality.  This can be seemingly minor or life-changing.

Where does it come from?  From somewhere outside of you?  Or is it an inner experience that gives you new insight that is now available to solve a problem, create a new action, enjoy more, have more ease.

The inner shift changes your outer experience and your outer success, resilience, productivity, or creativity.  It gives you a larger perspective and things can flow more easily. You have greater access to a wellspring of understanding and ease.

What if you developed a framework for observing your life and life in general and a way to access progressively deeper levels of truth and beauty that already exist within you.

All of this is possible because the basic impulse and direction of life is forward with balance.  There is a vast intelligence that created and sustains everything in us.  It is the same vast creative intelligence that exists in every inanimate and living thing in the universe.  As humans, we have a huge potential that gives us the freedom to get lost in darkness and dead-ends or in harmony that uncovers the best of what is possible.

This living a life of harmony and potential is never-ending.  There are insight principles that are available to you that can take you on a journey of discovery, productivity, and joy.  It unfolds insight by insight. Shift by shift.  

Your sincere curiosity and desire to go within and activate this field of potential is that potential itself manifesting within you.

Learn how to get out of the way and let it happen!

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