• Jim Gillette

Transformative Coaching... The Shift

A world of possibility

Coaching offers a way of getting more out of yourself than you may be able to on your own.

Maybe our first exposure to coaching was in sports.  At some point, we come in contact with other skill coaches like debate or taking the SAT exam.

These days, the term coach is even broader.

Let’s look at three levels of coaching that are beyond or different from sports coaching.

First, and this includes sports, is performance coaching. This would cover coaching and preparation for something specific like an event. It could be a competition, a speech, a new position, a broad skill like management or team building, or any type of non sports event.  It is specific and designed to enhance performance in a specific area.

Second, there is life coaching.  This is broader.  It is designed to get the best out of you in an entire arena of life.  Like relationships, parenting, business development, even the general enhancement of the enjoyment and resilience of living.  It can help with addictions, self destructive behavior, thwarted aspirations, and uncovering and helping with goals more effectively.

The third level is not as specific and not goal or attainment oriented.  However, it offers an intimate look at all of the first two levels, just from a deeper view.  Transformative coaching starts with a meaningful look at who we are and how we work, and what life is and how life works.  It sets up a new way of uncovering what is healthy, resilient, creative, and true in you. It is about insight that brings about true shifts in understanding and self awareness.  It is not about concepts or outer performance, or goal achievement, although these are definitely affected.  It is about experience and your world as you navigate it.  It is the zone, the flow, the groove.

It offers a whole new way of being in the world.  It unleashes what is already within you and a 

natural enthusiasm and an appreciation of life is activated.

One of my coaches uses this example… What if Bill Gates had amnesia and came to you for help with business.  Would you begin to teach him principles of business or try to help him get over the amnesia to regain the genius within him?

It's the same with us.  We often live lives like we have forgotten the beauty, resilience, creativity, and well being naturally within us.  

So in transformative coaching, three things emerge.

1.  We become more alive.  Alive to what’s possible, without restrictions.  We wake up to who we are at a deeper level. We have more enthusiasm for life.

2.  We learn to navigate life beyond our psychological traits and patterns.  We move beyond what we think “the way things are” We have shifts of understanding that change the playing field.

3.  We tap into our own authentic creativity.  We bring change into our life that transcends the course we were on.

If you would like to further explore these ideas, please get in touch.

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