• Jim Gillette

What Insight Gives You the Psychological Freedom to Get Things Done?

First, let’s look at some terms. “Insight” This means that you experience something, not just learn something and hold it in your head. You “realize” something and you have a shift. Your perspective changes and you have a shift.  An easy example is when people “got” that the earth was a sphere and not flat. Or, that when you went from elementary school to middle school, there was a bigger world for you to adjust to and become a part of.  Same way with high school to college and college to the larger working world. It is still happening each time you experience a new perspective that gets you closer to what is really going on. “Psychological Freedom” is the ability and awareness to deal with what you are in the middle of - opportunities, challenges, disappointments, threats, loves, fears, etc, in a way that comes from your design for success and progress.  Wait a second.  What design is that.  Well, you know how if you get a cut, the healing process takes care of it.  How you went from grade school to adult life in a series of insights that allowed to to grow and adapt.  How an acorn always grows into an oak. There is built in purpose and intelligence in all things that keeps everything going.  It’s bigger than we are and we are not in control; but, it is inside us.   This inner intelligence gets obscured and twisted around in humans and we may feel like we can’t deal with the current challenge or conditions. So, how do we get in touch with this inner intuitive part of us that gives us the direction and insight to handle things and get things done? It’s the understanding that the mind and our experience of what’s going on, only works in one way. It works from the inside out.  That means that everything that we call our world and reality is the feeling of our thinking passing through our mind and not the feeling of the world.  We are not designed to experience the world any other way. As this may dawn on you, you may think that what you see is an interpretation of reality.  That you have filters that influence the way you see things, which is true on one level.  This is when you still think your confusion, hesitation, fear, and stress are conditions of the situation. It’s an interpretation. Later, you may think that what you experience is a world that you have constructed.  Essentially that you live in a world that you create.  We begin to see that the mind is not so much a camera as it is a projector.  You realize that we are all walking around with different worlds in our heads. This basic understanding of how you work and how life works is the “inside out” insight that will begin to change everything.  When you accept this and your built in design for balance, health, and success, you will transform how you encounter and deal with everything in your life - work, relationships, enjoyment, the entire arc of your life.   The deeper you realize these facts, the more capacity, capability and creativity you will access to get things done. This will probability not be a sudden insight.  It usually is an uncovering of an awareness. Just give it some space in your mind.  Gently look at how you experience things.  Live with the growing realization of the inside out nature of how you experience life and you will have more and more of the support of the deep design for success that is yours.


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