• Jim Gillette

Your Experience Will Always Seem Real

Look up and Look Within

Your experience will always seem real.  Even when you say “That’s unreal!”, it means you witness or experience something as real that is out of the normal range of your experience or imagination and you have to comment on how you are amazed that it happens and you have to accept it. If you realize that everything you experience as real, -your life, your memories, your problems, your successes, your aspirations,  -is all constructed within your consciousness.  Even when the stimulation of an event comes from the outside, as most do, your experience of it is within you. Your experience of your reality is the feeling of your thoughts in the moment.  When you are able to observe and understand this, you have gained a freedom and access to the creative and innate intelligence that is within you and you are part of. The good news is that this is a built in design for success. Your heart pumps, your eyes process light into vision, your immune system protects you, your brain allows you to have a mental life that can learn and remember. Your mind is part of that living intelligence, that gives you the tools for a successful life. This is all done for you.  You are not running the show.  But you have your life and your reality inside this show. What a great opportunity you have to get closer to the truth of the situation and allow a natural design for progress to emerge. You are more than just an information processing machine.  You have a creative potential and an unlimited range of possibilities. Typically we shrink all of this down into our constricted way of dealing with life.  But, we can open to this marvelous intelligent power within also. Dealing with your day to day life, you have access to the innate wisdom and assistance that is already operating in you.   In the midst of the chaos around the world and the challenges in your individual life, there is a way to find solutions, be inspired, reduce stress, find joy and gratitude, and evolve beyond what you may even imagine. And, it’s all part of the system that is in you and part of anything you do. You can live a life of balance, insight, and enthusiasm by being in harmony with the reality that is larger than you and beckons and waits for you.


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