Meditation Instruction

Natural, Effortless, Effective, Deep


With 50 years of daily meditation, I have studied and practiced a number of approaches to meditation.  For the last 15 years, I have settled into the method I use now.  I believe it is the easiest, most effective method available to anyone.  This is the one I teach. I help a person get started with a solid foundation and support as time goes on with understanding of the ways the mind can resist your best intentions.

We can also look at other methods and ways of accessing the peace, deep rest, and creativity within.  My purpose is to help you find your way that you practice and also have available throughout the day.


Inside Out Coaching

Explore The Possibilities

We explore your framework for experiencing life. You develop an approach that sheds stress, anxiety, hesitation, and lack of clarity. You empower yourself to live an authentic life guided by your own personal inner GPS. You uncover and nourish your enthusiasm for life.

There are a number of approaches that uncover and develop your insight into how you have constructed your view of reality and how you can upgrade that view and the way you navigate life.

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